PRIDE is an alliance of wildlife scientists across Africa leading carnivore conservation projects that approach saving wildlife through community efforts.

Scientists estimate there are less than 30,000 lions left in Africa, half the number of 20 years ago, the biggest reasons for their decline being conflict with people and loss of habitat and prey due to human population growth. PRIDE provides a novel approach to deal with these complex issues by optimizing the transfer of knowledge and experience between projects and sites, so we can have greater impact over broader areas.

We share knowledge and experience in a structured and tactical way to develop joint concepts, we use joint efforts to achieve long-term funding which allows more time to focus on conservation in the field, and we enhance our leadership skills through customized approaches in both innovative technologies and traditional knowledge.

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One particularly dynamic lion from the Lion Guardians community is making his debut on the New York fashion scene!
Chantecaille cosmetics selected Lion Guardians as their 2016 charity of choice. Check out "The Lion Collection" makeup line featuring Martii's portrait and learn more about what they are doing to support conservation:
Kudos to Pride members Leela Hazzah and Stephanie Dolrenry for their work in furthering awareness and support for lion conservation through new, creative partnerships.
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